A Home School Success

We started with teaching Margaret to read nearly a year and a half ago. It’s not been an easy road either. Many days a reading lesson ended in tears (on her end) and frustration (on our end). She struggled to remember words she had just learned earlier in the lesson (simple words like to, for example.)

I finally stopped doing actual reading lessons and we just started working on her phonics and having her sit with a book each day to practice reading. This has actually improved her reading skills and now she is able to do much of her school work on her own. She will actually grab a school book and start working on a lesson in the evening or on the weekend.

I am very proud of her.

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  1. I don’t know if you have a dog, but I saw an interesting news report about children reading to their dogs. The child went into her bedroom and cuddled with her dog and read to her every day. The outcome was amazing. If you don’t have a dog I would even try a favorite stuffed animal. Then I would go about your business and let her work on it by herself. I will pray that Margaret finds joy in reading.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We do have a dog, but she’s outdoors only (a farm dog so to speak). However, she does have a doll that she loves and I will encourage her to read to the doll!

  2. I have been praying for Margaret to love books. I see there is a new baby maybe she will want ti read to Scholastica! Best wishes to the whole family.

    • Thank you! Margaret has taken to reading pretty well! She does enjoy reading books now and reading out loud to her little brother and sisters.

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