7 Quick Takes – Rookie Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 206)

1. Hey, lookie me, I’m trying this out.

2. I am now 34 weeks along (we think) and am preparing for the arrival of this little one. For me it means pulling out the bin of newborn boy and newborn girl clothes and keeping them close at hand, making sure the homebirth supplies are here and accounted for, and trying not to freak out over the idea of labor. I will also be needing to wash the newborn diapers and reorganize the changing table. We are going to move that to the hallway upstairs then put the cradle in our room. I have also realized that we will need a naptime place for NewBaby, so I will set the pack n play up in the office, so I can be close at hand, but the baby can be safe from loving siblings.

3. Speaking of new baby, as I’ve discussed in previous posts, I do not produce enough milk to feed my babies. I’ve been reviewing my options this this baby and have decided to go with a different supplementing system this time around. I am also blessed with a milk donor as well. This will make our dependence on formula less, which is good, both because of the benefits of breastmilk as well as the cost benefit of not having to buy formula.

4. This Sunday we are (finally) having our Fish Taco cook off with Joshua’s boss. We’ve only had this idea for nearly two years now and planned a few times, only to have something come up.  I plan on winning, but I will tell you that my attention will be elsewhere as the Wings are on national television this Sunday and I have priorities people*. Hockey will almost always win out. 😉 No, I have a plan, I won’t cook the fish until we get to their house, I will make the tortillas during one intermission and roll them out and cook them during the next intermission. The sauce can be made ahead of time, so I am good there. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

*Joshua is building an antenna for me, so I can watch the game, as we don’t actually get any channels on our computer/television.

5. This morning Joshua asked me if I was finally able to get to sleep. I went to bed at a decent hour (1030) but tossed and turned for a good part of the night. If it wasn’t just needing to roll over (which now requires being somewhat awake to do), it was itchy feet and legs, or the need to visit the bathroom. Any suggestions on itchy feet and legs in pregnancy?

6. When we were sick in January, I did all sorts of research on supplements and how to make our diet healthier without breaking the bank. Since I do almost all the cooking at home and we use the best ingredients for our budget, I was thinking vitamins. We started with adding vitamin D3, and I started taking a pro-biotic as well. We seem to be doing well, but mostly I am happy to say I’ve not missed a single day of popping my vitamins. I have also added red raspberry leaf and a calcium-magnesium supplement as well. The kids have done a great job of adapting to taking their vitamin and take it with no problems. I’ve actually had to tell Benedict no a few times when he asks for seconds!

7. Our co-op order is due on Monday. I love the co-op we use to get our wheat and grains. $40 for a 50 pound bag of organic hard white wheat? Yes, ma’am! That will last me about four months and that $40 is what I would probably spend on flour at the store in the same time period. Each quarter we add something else to our order, aside from the wheat. Last quarter it was oats, corn (for cornmeal), and beans. This time, we will order brown rice, yogurt starter, and probably kefir grains.

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