Getting Prepared

In addition to preparing our hearts for the Resurrection in 45 days, we are preparing for the arrival of the new baby. I met with my midwives last night and am doing very well, as is the baby. They will consider me “term” next week! That means if I go into labor, ain’t nuthin’ they would do to stop it. So, that means I need to start getting prepared around here.

A few things we’ve already done:

1. Pulled out the bins with boy clothes and girl clothes. Those will get a quick wash once the baby comes, when we know what the new little one is.

2. Located and set out the newborn diapers, those will need to be washed as well, in a week or two.

3. Ordered supplies for the birth kit, mainly one time use things that we need to fill out the kits that we have from the other kids.

4. Patched and blew up the birth pool. It is in the office, so we just need to roll it out and fill it up when the time comes.

5. Today I ordered the Lact-Aid I Supplemental Nurser will be using this time around. I am pretty excited about the change but worried about nursing in public. I know I will manage.

Things we still need to do:

1. Plan the baptism. Well, pretty much make sure Father is aware that the baby is due soon.

2. Arrange the post baby doctor appointment, for the heel poke test (I forget the real name for it).

3. Move the changing table to the hallway and set up the cradle in our bedroom. Then organize the changing table with diapers, so that small helpers can grab them for me when needed.

4. Organize my clothes so they fit in the dresser. I have no idea why they don’t all fit in my dresser any more. This will need to be done before the baby arrives as I am using a laundry basket to store my maternity clothes and that takes up extra space in our bedroom.

5. Get a pre-birth blessing from Father and go to confession. This shouldn’t be too hard to do, as we tend to go to Confession monthly and Father has added extra times for confession during Lent this year.


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  1. Prayers to St. Ann and St. Raymond for a good delivery.

    Get those diapers and tshirts washed and on the changing table so nothing is mentally keeping you from labor. 😉

    I think you mean the PKU test but some babies get more tests than that one from the heel blood.

    • You are right, the PKU test. I need to set the appointment for that.

      The changing table needs to be moved by a strong man, mainly, my husband, and probably on Friday night, that way I can work on it Saturday morning.

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