ATTN: Central Ohioans aka Conclave 101

Do you know Jake Tawney? If not, he’s a guy worth getting to know. He is a faithful Catholic, well read (when does he have the time??!), and very good at explaining things faith related (rumor has it he is a good math teacher as well.)

On March 5th, Jake will be giving a talk at Saint Mary Parish in Delaware, Ohio on the upcoming Papal Conclave. Here are the details:

With the news of Pope Benedict XVI’s pending resignation, the Cardinals are just a few weeks from entering a conclave to elect the next pope.

On Tuesday, March 5, Jake Tawney will present “Conclave 101”, a talk on the inner workings of how a new pope is named. How many popes have resigned their office? Who is eligible to be elected pope? Who gets to vote? How many votes are needed? What happens behind the sealed doors of the Sistine Chapel? When does the pope first become pope? How does the smoke become white or black, and which color means a new pope has been elected?

Find out the answers to these questions and more before we hear the familiar Latin “Habemus Papam!” The talk will be held at St. Mary Church in Delaware, Ohio, beginning at 7:00 pm. Jake will talk for about 45 minutes and leave ample time for questions.

All are invited. Help spread the word!

I wish we were still in Central Ohio (yes I said that Andrea) so that we could attend this talk.



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