A Productive Weekend

This weekend, I think we accomplished a lot. We started with our normal Friday evening Mass, which was followed by Stations of the Cross and Adoration. Karol and Margaret even processed with father around to the different Stations. (insert proud mama heart here) Joshua and Karol were able to go to confession. I planned on going, but while sitting in the pew, with the other kids during adoration, Benedict and Caecilia got a bit crazy, including Benedict talking at the top of his lungs, so I took the kids out. The baby was also sitting in just such a way, that my sciatic nerve was getting pinched, so I was in a bit of pain and just needed to stand up and move around. I’ll make it next weekend though 🙂

On Saturday, Joshua was up early, 630, to work in the yard, as we had a birthday party that afternoon. It was also his birthday, so I was up shortly after, making a special breakfast. I made a coffee cake and fried up some sausage and leftover potatoes. We sang happy birthday and Joshua opened up the cards the kids made for him. They made multiple cards for him and were so happy it was his birthday! Joshua went back to clearing some garden beds and doing other things outside while I cleaned up. He did hair cuts (such a great thing on the family budget) and then we headed to the birthday party.

Oh, and on Saturday I moved the changing table to the hallway and the cradle to our room. I asked Margaret to organize the diapers on the changing table, and guess what, she did a great job! I’m not surprised as she is a good helper, but she even told me that she’d keep them organized and how I can help with that.

After the birthday party, we went to Mass at the parish in Valdosta, then to Target to pick up some things we need. Joshua has received some gift cards to Target using reward points from a printing company he uses, so it was like spending free money. We picked up some pants for the girls, for the yard and bonus, they were $3.50 each! Of course, I forgot the exercise ball, which was a main reason we went, well that and baby socks.

This brings me to a tangent-rant on the state of the Target store near us. Is it just that store, or are they all falling apart and not organized/cleaned? I would take a shirt off of a rack only to have three other ones fall off, because things were just thrown on the shelves. The shoe department was a mess, with shoes all over the place, nothing organized. Also, when you are in a store, isn’t it normal to have your cart to the right and the opposing “traffic” to the left? I thought so. Really, by the time we were ready to go, I was stressed out and needed to leave. It was almost like shopping at Christmas, but without the crowds. And on to baby clothes, I guess because most people find out what they are having, we don’t have gender neutral things anymore? Is this common all over or just here? Plus, there were no plain white baby socks. Target used to be a favorite store of mine, but now I don’t even think to go to it. Kinda sad. 

Since we went to Mass on Saturday (which we did, because we were near by and it helps us save gas) we had Sunday free. When we got up, we had a nice breakfast and then set out to tackle the upstairs. It is picked up and stuff daily, but it really needed to be organized. We spent a good three hours organizing our room and the hall closet. We found another tote of baby girl clothes, a few more onsies, and even a bag of white baby socks.

After lunch, I ordered the things I couldn’t find at the local Target from their online store, plus a few things from Amazon. I’m pretty excited for the control top corset I bought, for post baby. It’s the little things, I know.  I know it won’t work wonders, I just want things smoothed out a bit.

Dinner was chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. I added a rutabaga and a turnip to the potatoes and they added a nice flavor. I made a peach cobbler for dessert and let me tell you it’s calling my name right now. I will hold off though and eat a real lunch instead.

That was our weekend, productive and I enjoy not having to worry much on Monday about doing a lot.

Edited to add: I can’t believe I forgot to mention this: Our nephew Blake and his wife, Jenna had their first baby, a girl, on Friday! Yay for babies!

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