Papa Bene and Mass this Morning

This morning, I woke up early, threw my hair in a ponytail, got the kids dressed (with Joshua’s help) and headed off to Mass (with the kids, but without Joshua). Our pastor was offering the Mass today in Thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI and I wanted to be there, as it would be the last Mass where we would hear “Benedict our pope.”

I made it there, with a minute to spare, got in the pew with the kids. I made it through the Mass with a few children who thought silence was an option. I made it through with my temper in check. I ignored a fit being thrown by a cute four year old (she missed the Holy Water font on the way in and wasn’t happy about). Her fit involved her laying on the floor and being very quiet. I was okay with that for today.

Benedict (the two year old, not the Holy Father) brought a stuffed toy in with him. Yikes, normally not permitted and I was reminded why. Flamingo started snoring during the homily. No it wasn’t a toy that made noise, Benedict decided that it was sleepy.

Margaret and Karol had their little skirmishes but were mostly okay, I think. Maybe not. All I know is that at 37+ weeks along, I took my four kids to Mass on my own. There was a time where I was scared to just take the older two out in public on my own.

I am so very thankful for the Mass that Father offered this morning. Our pastor has a special connection to our Holy Father. He was studying in Roma when Blessed John Paul II died and was there in the Square when Pope Benedict was announced our pope. He was also selected to read during the Holy Father’s Inaugural Mass.

Let us keep our Holy Father in our prayers as he finishes out the final day of his Pontificate, and let us offer our prayers for the College of Cardinals, that they be guided by the Holy Spirit as they prepare for, then enter the Conclave, in the coming weeks.





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