Cake Save

I managed to save the cake!

When you mess up a cake, you just turn it into trifle and you look like a master chef.

I decided to just make the cake a trifle and set about putting it together. I managed to put too much milk in the frosting and ran out of powdered sugar, so I added cocoa powder and turned it into chocolate mint frosting. I then whipped up some cream, without sugar, to help cut  the sweetness of the icing and the ganache, and it helped a bit.

In the end, I put a layered the bowl with cake,  frosting, crushed mint candies, whipped cream, ganache, then I repeated the steps another time to fill the bowl.

Margaret wanted to be in the picture with the trifle.


The cake was a big hit and very tasty, someone I am married two may or may not have had two helpings.

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