Six Weeks!!


Is my baby Scholastica really six weeks old already?! It hardly seems like it was six weeks ago that she showed her little face. We had the six week check up with the midwife today and Scholastica is weighing in at 10 pounds 5 ounces and measures 23 inches long.

As the picture tells, she is a happy baby. She seldom cries and when she does, she is easily comforted. She takes well to her brothers and sisters playing with her. Scholastica tends to be awake quite a bit in the evening hours, but sleeps well at night. She goes to sleep around 10:30 after a feeding, then she wakes up around 330 for a feeding, is up until about 430-500, then back to sleep until 730. Most days, of course.

I’ve had to supplement with formula again, but I expected that this time around, so I wasn’t too upset about doing so. I started with at 1130pm the day she was born, so she was not quite 24 hours old, but I could tell I did not have the supply she needed. I am using a different supplementing system this time, the Lact-Aid and it makes supplementing somewhat enjoyable and it is easier than with the SNS. I also am producing more milk than I have before, and that has been very encouraging and exciting. (TMI alert: Each diaper that I change that is very much breast milk poop, I cheer about!)

Her big brothers and sisters love her. The two older ones love to walk her around the living room for me while I am trying to finish up dinner or make lunch. Scholastica stops crying when they pick her up, but I think part of that might be out of fear ;). No, really, they are pretty helpful in many ways. The younger two love the baby as well, Benedict loves to kiss her and hug her. He likes to poker her eyes as well. Caecilia likes to stare at her, and makes requests to look at her eyes.

Now she needs to eat! Happy Friday!

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