Summer Doings

It’s already August folks! My mom will be here in a week and one of my very good friends will be here at the end of the month. Exciting!

We’ve been pretty busy this summer with house things. Joshua is building a room in the garage for his tools and things, but it is slow going mainly because it’s hot here. He traded the hammer for a paint brush and we are working on projects in the house now, mainly finishing up the painting of the toy room. This turned into also working on the dining room, so half of the first floor is looking pretty spiffy.

We also moved our room from the upstairs to the “master bedroom” downstairs. We still have a bit of work left to do, mainly organizing stuff, but it is a nice change. I think I got the bug to do things around the house because two families we know down here are (or have) moved. We have been in this house for three years, the longest we’ve lived anywhere, so it’s time to shake things up a bit.

And all this was done with my mom coming in two weeks. Joshua also had to travel a bit, the kids got sick while he was gone, and I got stung by five bees, right before he left, while moving the lawn.

Oh, yeah, I got stung because I’m a moron. I totally forgot that we got bees. I was mowing the lawn Tuesday evening, listening to “Orthodoxy” (Chesterton), and just lost in thought. I didn’t see the hives until it was too late and I buzzed them and they got angry. My reaction was ahhhh-mazzzzee-ing.

I realized what was happening and tried to swat them away, but they kept coming, so I got off the lawn mower and ran for the house, calling for Joshua. I kept hearing the buzzing and felt a few stings, fell down, and finally got in the house. I brought more than a few in with me as well. They were mostly in my hair and it was horrible. I was freaking out about getting stung and Joshua was trying to kill the ones I brought in.

In the ended they all were killed and I counted five stings. Our neighbors came over to see if I needed to go to the hospital and I felt like a freaking doofus. Joshua talked with them, then I went over later to apologize for freaking them out. We have good neighbors, I’ll tell you that.

The kids were really good to me the next day though, and very concerned about the stings. I didn’t have much of a reaction, just swelling. I got sick the next day, but I think it was what the kids have.

Oh and I will not survive the zombie apocalypse.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer, especially those who live in the nice cool North!

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  1. Has it been three years already?! Yikes.

  2. Yes, three years! We’ve been in South Georgia for four. It’s crazy! CRAZY!

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