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I’ll admit I probably spend more time watching cooking shows on youtube than I should each week. However, I look at them as more of a research project than just a time waster, after all I’m looking for recipe ideas for my family.

Ones that I’ve really come to enjoy actually are from England. Now, it could just be my impression, but I get the idea that portions are smaller in the UK and desserts are far less common (and less sweet) than here. While the smaller portions part doesn’t leave much for leftovers, it does help with making sure we aren’t stuffing ourselves just because there is food in front of us.

Here are a few Youtube channels I’ve found inspiration from for cooking:


Sorted Food – Four guys from London, three of whom have no idea how to cook and one who went to culinary school. They’ve been around for four years now, so there are lots of videos to watch. The nice part about them is that they keep things simple. They use fresh ingredients but a fair mix of pantry items.

Titli – Not only does Titli have a busy kitchen channel, but she also has a bread kitchen channel and a garden channel.  She’s funny and her recipes are simple to follow. She also uses a good mix of fresh and pantry items. (Let’s be realistic, we can’t always get fresh ingredients for cooking.)

Laura in the Kitchen – I don’t remember when I stumbled upon her channel, but I subscribed as soon as I watched the first video. Her foods are simple and quite delicious. Laura is from Italy but lives in the US. Her recipes are also simple and quick to prepare.

Gordon Ramsay – Most people know him as the guy who stands around and yells a lot on television. These videos don’t have any of that and he’s actually quite charming. His recipes are a bit more fancy than the sites above, for when you want to have a bit more of a fancy meal.

All of these channels have a good mix of savory and sweet recipes.

I know sometimes when I fall into a doldrum about cooking, I am usually able to find a recipe from these channels to inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!

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