Rainbow Springs (Third Trip)

Last weekend I noticed we were out of bacon and sausage. This would normally have been been remedied by going to the store, except for one thing: I’d been to Aldi a few weeks prior and saw that their bacon and sausage prices were half they are here. It’s hard to buy food when you know that it is so much cheaper somewhere else. (I sure there’s a logical fallacy somewhere there.) In the end I decided a trip to Rainbow Springs on Joshua’s extra day off this week with a stop at Aldi on the way back was in order.

We woke up early this morning, loaded the van, dressed the kids, and headed down the road to Dunnellon, Florida. We arrived just as the park opened and had the swimming area almost to ourselves for a little bit. My (sadly) Georgia blooded kids were cold after a little bit, so Joshua took them for a walk. I stayed in the water with Schola and she floated around in her boat and I talked to her about the sky and trees.

The kids and Joshua came back, got in the water, then commented about being cold again, so we all got out and they went for another walk while I sat in the shade with Schola and people watched. At one point a man approached me and asked if he could buy some of the swim noodles we had because they didn’t have any. I first directed him to the park store, which was closed, so in the end, he bought a few from me.

After the park and lunch in the van (pb on crackers, watermelon, and sprouts) we headed to Aldi. Have I mentioned how much I wish there were an Aldi here? I so wish there were. We stocked up on six months worth of bacon and sausage (and some more staples) then headed home. With a stop for coffee and a stop to pick up my glasses that had come in. (I have prescription sunglasses, now!)

All this and dinner on the table by 7 pm.

Oh and dinner was a salad made with lettuce and kale from the new organic buying club our friends started….but I’ll blog more about that later.

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