Anyone Want to Buy a House?

My friend Andrea likes to text me and tell me how long it’s been since I’ve updated my blog. She’s funny like that. I know I’ve been quiet on this end for a few month, with the exception of bone throwing post last week in response to Andrea’s most recent blogging silence text. It’s been a busy few months around here. Actually it has felt like I didn’t get much of a handle on 2015 at all and in the end I was just in survival mode.

So here’s what’s up in our world:

1. Joshua has received permission to work remotely. Since he will be able to work from home this means home can be just about anywhere, which is a great thing. We are working on getting our house on the market so that we can sell and move. There have been many things to do to help spruce up the place, like patching and painting. We’ve also redone both bathrooms and the kitchen, so as you can see, we are pretty serious about this. This whole project has taken up tons of our time.

2. School. School always takes a lot of time. Add in music lessons and my days are full.

3. Cleaning. It’s like my kids smell blood. I need things clean and they leave a trail of destruction and the chore chart isn’t helping much. I’m trying to not be grumpy when I see a huge mess in a room I just cleaned.

4. Back to moving, that means packing. I’ve been trying to pack things up day by day, even though we don’t know when we’ll be moving. It’s been somewhat helpful. Toys, clothes, games and books have been mostly packed. There are a few things for reading and playing with though, because I’m not stupid. The Legos have been left out because they would play with those all day long if I let them.


5. Oh and this:

Facebaby 2016



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  1. That is amazing news that your husband gets to work from home! Such a blessing since I know how badly you want to move. I’m in the same boat of wanting to move & put our house on the market but I feel like there’s SO much to do before we can put the house on the market & kids. Kids are messy. & my kids kinda suck at helping clean up. When it starts to get too messy around here I start hiding things & toys in our back room so that its out of site & out of my mind. Trying to take things one day at a time. If I can get in 20 minutes of work in a day(or come on, with kids maybe that’s in a week) that helps move along the process of selling our house, I feel pretty accomplished.
    So your thinking of moving to Indiana? Are you going to be by any family there, or do you just really like the state? My husband and I have gotten much more serious in our discussion of moving to Texas but our one big hang up is family. He reconnected with his biological dad after 18 years and his dad is happy to have a relationship with my husband. We aren’t very close with anyone else in my husbands family though & the only people I’m close with are my mom & my cousin. I don’t think we would be too missed around here but if we moved we would only have my sister. Has it been tough being away from family? I think husbands & wives who move with kids away from their family’s are so brave! It’s such a hard decision. Aside from the weather there are other great things about Texas that I just love & desire for my family. I’ve felt my heart yearning to be down there for years. Maybe that’s how you feel about the Midwest?

    Can’t wait to see that new baby of yours!! Cecilia will be a year soon & my pregnancy with her was so tough we are hoping to wait 3 or 4 more years before trying but coming from a big catholic family makes me want all the babies lol.

  2. Finally!! A decent update.

    Any before & after pictures of your home remodel?

    And Indiana is awesome…especially Northwest IN.

    • No updates of before and after yet. When we take pictures for the realtor, I’ll post some.

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