Thoughts in Bullet Points

  • I had my midwife appointment today. Everything is going well and I’m at 37 weeks, so this baby can come at any time. (No really, kid, come out soon, please!)
  • We did an impromptu trip to the park after my appointment and since I hadn’t planned for it, we stopped by Joshua’s office for ice and water. It’s always fun to stop by “work” and hang out for a bit.
  • The kids told me they were bored at the park. I can’t even. 😉
  • I spent the morning working on plans for the next school year. We’ve used Kolbe for the past five years, however this year I’m making a switch to Memoria Press for most of the subjects. I really like the way that Memoria’s books look and how their subjects are laid out as well. We’ve used it for Latin, Composition, and History for a few years now, so I’m making the plunge for a few other subjects. I still plan on using Kolbe for Math and Religion though.
  • I do think I’m crazy for making a switch like this for a school year that begins a month after I have a baby. However, if we are making lots of changes, why not with schooling as well?
  • Have I mentioned that the baby is hanging out on my hip? Have I mentioned that it’s not pleasant? It gets worse after driving because of all the moving my leg has to do.


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  1. Com’on baby!!

    • I’m not due until the middle of June, but really, come early, baby, come early! 🙂

  2. I’m also excited to hear how you like using Memoria Press. I love when other people talk about their curriculum wins and fails! Basically I just love reading about curriculum.

    • I like Kolbe, I just feel like Memoria builds on itself year after year. I never thought I’d be a “create my own curriculum” person, but here I am.

  3. Ooo I think I really like their cursive books. We never found a great fit for that this year, and so ended up dropping it about halfway through, but I do really want the kids to learn it. Their books look like they might be a good fit.

    • I have such a love hate relationship with handwriting books! I know my kids need to learn cursive, but I want books with more depth. Pretty much I wish I had unlimited funds for printer paper and toner 🙂

  4. Kolbe & Memoria Press are a great combo. I think you’re doing the right thing. Also, you better teach your kids cursive….. *shaking my fist at you*

    • They are learning it, I promise 🙂

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