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This weekend I worked on lesson plans for the up coming school year. Since I am using a mix of Memoria Press and Kolbe, it took a big of tweeking, but I think I’ve got it down. I only wrote a week out for the older three kids, so we have room to adjust if need be.

I’m going to admit that my kids are whiners about having to write anything out. Why I’m not sure as they’ve always had to write things out for their school work. There is a lot more writing this year for the older two than there has been in the past and I’m hoping there isn’t much of a rebellion against it. I’ve tried to come up with a good mix of heavy writing days in some subjects and heavy reading days in others so they aren’t “killing” their hands. (As they like to tell me.)

Peter slept pretty well last night. He went to sleep around 9pm and stayed that way until 2am. He nursed then slept again until 645am. He’s mostly happy this morning as am I, plus I folded laundry and made dinner for tonight. (Tacos, if you are interested and everything is prepped for toppings too!)

I’m still trying to get a picture with the real camera for his birth announcement, but he’s not cooperating (and it’s hard to try to make him smile while making sure he’s arranged properly and holding the camera.

Oh and I made s’mores waffles on Sunday, wow, yum.

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