Friday Night

The house is clean, the baby is happy, schoolwork for the week is done and the grades have been logged, and I’m drinking a beer. I’m documenting this because I’m certain this will never happen again.

Joshua is working with a kid on multiplication and long division. The rest of the kids are building Lego. If you follow my Instagram account, you probably saw that Benedict made a model of himself out of Legos. Stay tuned for the toilet he made for his guy.

The kids get a prize for working hard this week, so we’ll dole that out here in a bit and snack while watching the Olympics. Those are very popular around here. Anytime we watch gymnastics, the kids start doing flips. I had one doing headstands against the wall today. That will probably show up on IG later as well.

Oh, hey Andrea, the next time I text you that the baby never sleeps, please reply that I need to lay down with him on my chest and he’ll go right to sleep for two or more hours.

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