New Bed!

Our mattress was horrible. There was a big crater on one side and it made for really bad night sleeps for who ever had that side (and for the past year, it was Joshua). Plus it was a pillow top and while it could be turned, it couldn’t be flipped, so we were pretty much stuck with whatever uncomfortableness the bed gave us.

We were planning on leaving it behind when we moved and just buy a new one when we moved back north. In fact, when we thought we were moving, nearly every night we’d say that soon the mattress would be gone. Alas, that was not to be, yet.

However, have you ever tried buying a mattress? It feels a lot like dealing with a scam. They don’t last very long for the price you pay and warranties mean pretty much nothing. I think a big part of the reason we put of buying on, in addition to the move, is that the mattress was only six years old when it started falling apart, seven when the crater appeared and we paid a lot of money for it.

On Sunday Joshua had enough and he started researching mattresses. We looked for a few hours on line, read reviews and watched videos. In the end we decided to go with one from Tuft and Needle. The price was fair, the return policy seemed decent and the mattresses work with platform beds, which is what we have. So the order was placed.

Yesterday, Fed Ex showed up and dropped off the box. The only reason it didn’t get set up before Joshua got home was because I wanted him to be here to see the mattress unroll and fill with air (it comes compressed and in a airtight seal). Oh and it was heavy.

Once he was home and after we cleaned a bit in the bedroom (basically reorganizing) things stored under the bed and vacuuming, we set the mattress up. It took maybe five minutes to cut the plastic off and 90 seconds for the mattress to inflate. Then we laid on it. Oh my goodness. It felt like laying on a cloud. All I could think was that I needed that mattress when I was pregnant with Peter and my hip was in constant pain.

Last night was the first night sleeping on it and the observations I had: 1. I didn’t feel Joshua moving around that much. 2. For being a foam mattress, I didn’t sink into it and I was able to move around with ease and 3. My back didn’t hurt when I woke up this morning.

I’d like to say I had a restful night sleep, but Peter was fussy a lot and we were up every few hours to take care of him. But the sleep I did get was nice.

So Night One Review on the Tuft and Needle bed: So far so good. 


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