Pictures for my Non Social Media Friends

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I found this gem on my phone. I’m not even sure what’s going on in it, but Caecilia with the comb made me laugh.

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Scholastica had a feast day last week. The best part about having a child with a very rare name? Lots of people get excited about her feast day and pray for her all day long.

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Margaret made these cookies and then took the picture. I’m not even sure how to do that. Those cookies were really good, even though she forgot the butter.

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I have blue eyes, Joshua has brown. Karol is the only one whose eye’s stayed blue. I’m really hoping Peter’s do as well.

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From Catholic Schools Week. This photo is totally staged. If I had them do their school work all at the same table, there’d be lots of fighting.

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  1. 1. Best bathroom picture ever.
    2. Tell my Goddaughter that I did think of her on her feast day. She was not forgotten!
    3. I love cookies.
    4. Martin & I are the only ones in this family without blue eyes.
    5. Before I read your caption I thought, “Nice job, Beth. You make homeschooling look easy.” (Ha!)

    • I’ll make sure to let her know 🙂

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