Where I’ve Been

Someone texted me the other day and let me know that my blog has been silent for three months. It’s been a very busy few months. We did a trip to Michigan to visit with my cousin Paul and his family. Paul had cancer and they knew that he wasn’t going to live much longer, so I wanted to see him and before he passed away. I made another trip to see him a few days before he died as well. He died on September 20th. Please pray for the respose of his soul and for his wife and young children as well as other family he left behind.

That trip was followed by my birthday (which we normally don’t make a big deal about, but I turned 40 so I said we were going out to dinner). That night we also went to look at a house and fell in love with it. We made an offer the next day and when it was accepted, things kinda became a whirlwind.

The kids have also started back with violin lessons and we are making our way through the school year as well, so really that keeps us very busy.

We closed on the house on October 6th and have been busy making it our home since. I’ll do a post more about that later.

So that’s where we’ve been.

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  1. You make 40 look simple. I always forget I’m not older than you. It’s your skin and I’m jealous of it.

    • You don’t look 38 🙂 I’ll give you my skin care secret: I only wash my face every other day. I drink a lot of water as well.

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