Ode to the married life

So it has been a while since I posted anything. What can I say? I have a little one and it is spring time! Karol is getting big, he is almost crawling on his hands and knees but he creeps like a champ. Right now he is sleeping like a champ! Do you ever wonder what babies dream about?

So lately my friends have been taking the plunge and taking up married life. So far this year we have attended three weddings and we have at least four more. It is very exciting to go and witness the vows, eat some cake and dance the day/night away. The wedding I am most looking forward to this year is my friend Jon’s. Why? Well for starters, he is marrying my friend Erin and they are wonderful together. Not to mention I get to go to Ohio for this one and get to see all of my other friends! This is a good thing.

With all these vows happening, I have been pondering marriage and vows and my wedding. I remember it like it was yesterday. Okay, I don’t remember much of it. I remember it was October, it was cool out, and my MOH had the upset stomach for me. (Thanks Jaime!) I remember getting ready and realizing that in just a few hours I would be married to my wonderful DH for the rest of my life, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health til death do we part.

So far we have had the richer and poorer. Okay not richer, just not quite so poor. Sickness and in health. Well between the miscarriage and morning sickness with Karol, he has seen me through the worst. He got food poisoning on our honeymoon and spent a good part of one day curled up on the couch. He was there when I gave birth to our little boy, medication free at home. He encourages me and tries to get me to do things that I don’t think I can. (Someday I will post a picture of the tunic I have made for Karol.)

Back to what I remember. I remember standing in the back of the church crying because the awesomeness of the sacrament hit me all at once. I remember walking down the aisle with my daddy cracking jokes. I wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t talk during mass, but instead I let him crack the jokes. I sort of remember the vows, but what I remember the most is when Father Tim said “Congratulations” after the vow then went on to prepare for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We had done it.

He is my head and I am glad for that, without him, I don’t know how I would survive. I don’t seem to remember life before him. I still remember the first time I really saw him. He was a seminarian and I was at a youth retreat. Before the gasps start, I was very close to entering a convent. We became fast friends and would often get together with other friends and pray. Sometimes we would talk and even then he encouraged me in my discernment.

Then the call came saying he was leaving the Order he was in. Oh the feelings. Well hidden, so much that I didn’t even realize I had them. God made certain that my heart was open to His will and closed the door on religious life. He also made sure that if any guy asked me out, I got the urge to puke on his sneakers. 🙂 Then the call came from my dh, my car is broken down, can you come to get me. That is when it all happened. The Citgo Station at Exit 14 on I-70.

To spare you the details, we knew that night we would get married someday. That someday arrived on October 2, 2004.

I am sure I am just not making any sense right now…so off to bed I go and tomorrow I will make more sense of this all!

All for the Immaculata!

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Mumma Brain Syndrome

What is it exactly? Do I possible have it? Is there a cure? Well the symptoms are: Conversations that you had 3 minutes ago are GONE from your memory. You set your car keys down and forget where. Attention span of less then 2 minutes.

Well let’s see here, yesterday Joshua and I had a conversation about meeting for lunch. He swears he told lunch was at 1130, I thought it was at 12 (like it always is!). Then today, I gave a bag of blankets to a gal at church who is due like any day now and along with the blankets, I gave her my car keys. Yep sure did, there are at her house down in Indy. Fortunately I will see her on Wednesday and be able to get them then.

Alas, things are going well, Karol is wearing a dress I made him. Well it isn’t a dress, it is a snuggly sleeper thing…I just haven’t sewn the bottom yet. It is way to big on him and the pattern of the material makes him hard to look at. I shall post a picture soon.

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Feast of the Annunciation

Today is the Feast of the Annuciation, a Holy Day of Obligation most years but because it falls on a Saturday, in the US it isn’t. How sad. Shouldn’t we all want to go to Mass today to celebrate that Mary said Yes?

Thank you Mary, thank you for saying Yes. I pray that someday all will come to see you as their Mother.

I took Karol to Mass today and realized that I got pregnant with him a year ago (sorry for the too much information, I won’t give you details!). So Karol has been alive for a year now. Why in the world isn’t he walking yet! :)  He is such a blessing. He loves to laugh and smile, stare at things, coo, do bicycle legs and pull hair now. What a great baby!


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