His Own Room

Karol got his own room this past weekend. Yep, we moved his crib in to what we have called his room for nearly the past year. He seems to like it pretty well. He has learned how to open the door from his crib, letting me know he is awake. He has also mastered the light switch, quite humorous.

He is getting bigger and tells us what he likes and doesn’t like. He likes egg yolks but not the whites. He likes bread but not bread dough. He likes cookies but not cookie dough. (More for me…) He likes to play in the sunlight that comes in the window but he doesn’t like to have the sun shine in his eyes. He likes to sit and read with Papa at night, but he doesn’t like to sit still for mass.

He has learned who cousin Geoffrey is. If Karol is in the kitchen and you say Geoffry, he walks/crawls over to the picture on the fridge and hits it.

Did I mention he walks? Today he walked from the end table to the entry way to the dining room….about 7 steps. Right now he is hiding under his Papa’s desk, shuffling paper. My kid is a genius.

But now he stinks and needs some lunch, so off I go to change his diaper then to feed him yummy food.

Viva Christo Rey.

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Not so heavy a post this time

Joshua gave me the wonderful idea of writing down all the things that Karol does. Well not all the things but the cute things. So instead of pulling out his baby book that I have written all of 10 things in, I will use my blog!

Today’s addition:

Karol snores. I went in to check on him a little while ago. I didn’t have to walk to far in to make sure he was okay, he let out a big huge honkin’ snort when I walked in.

All is well with the world.

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Ode To Stem Cells

Okay people. Let’s go over this again. No matter what YOU want to believe, life begins at CONCEPTION. Yes. When that little bitty egg is fertilized by that even littler sperm, a life is CREATED. And no, this isn’t wacko Catholic-Girl coming at you, this is scientific proof. When an egg is fertilized, a seperate DNA is created right then and there, got it? When there is human DNA, different from the Mother and the Father, LIFE BEGINS.

So, please tell me how creating a life, just to take it from its mother’s womb for the sake of “advancing” human life is a good thing. Research has yet to show embryonic stem cells healing a person. YET, with ADULT STEM CELLS, there is hope and actual cases of healing.


This link talks about embryonic stem cells. I direct you to the last paragraph
where it states:

If scientists can reliably direct the differentiation of embryonic stem cells into specific cell types, they may be able to use the resulting, differentiated cells to treat certain diseases at some point in the future.

You know what this means? That they HAVE NOT been able to use them for the so called greater good!

I now direct your attention to this link:


Please note the second paragraph, where it states:

Research on adult stem cells has recently generated a great deal of excitement. Scientists have found adult stem cells in many more tissues than they once thought possible.

I then direct you further to this link:


This article shows cases in which ADULT STEM CELLS were used to heal spinal cord injuries, heart regeneration, corneal regeneration and so on. Pay close attention to the heart regeneration section, in particular to this paragraph:

The capability of adult stem cells to regenerate a damaged and malfunctioning heart was clearly seen in the case of Dmitri Bonnville. A 16-year-old from Almont, Michigan, he was accidentally shot in the chest by a nail gun while conducting house work on February 1, 2003. The injury was exacerbated by cardiac arrest a few days later.

His family examined the available effective treatment options. Physicians informed the parents of the possibility of a heart transplant or the use of extended medication while noting the risks and failures of such procedures. The doctors also notified the parents of a procedure that involved stem cell extraction from Bonnville’s own body and subsequent transplantation into his heart. Predicting success, they determined to go forward with the surgery under the direction of Dr. Cindy Grines, Dr. William O’Neill and Dr. Steven Timmis at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. The treatment had never been conducted on a human patient in the United States prior to this occasion. Within a week of the February 21 surgery, Bonnville’s heart pumping capacity had increased from its previous 25 percent to 35 percent.

I guess my question now is, why should we create then destroy innocent lives when we have the real option to use adult stem cells?