Movin’ On Up

…well sort of. We have moved. Have you ever moved with at 14 month old and a 2 month old? Wowsers, talk about busy times. Toddler K (14 months old) kept helping by either throwing tantrums or packing away fresh produce in to boxes. (I hope we got all the onions out of the food boxes.)

Of course, in keeping with some anonymity, I won’t say were we moved to, but I will say that we work together and our employer pays for housing. (No this isn’t the witness protection program.) However, when we got here, they didn’t have our quarters ready yet. Not a problem, we would sleep anywhere but a hotel. (See first paragraph but substitute moving with staying in a hotel.) They put us in another house for the time being so we are living out of our suitcases and dealing with not knowing what is where. Not too bad. Toddler K hasn’t noticed his toys haven’t been unpacked yet. Baby M is perfectly happy using her swing, bouncy seat and has discovered the joys of watching the ceiling fans.

Our job is going well. We are in intensive training with a few other people. It is a ton of information but lots of fun. It is nice to go to training classes that are well laid out and presented. I hardly have time to fall asleep and the instructors have great wit in addition to being very encouraging.

Today we ventured out to the stores around here to pick up some stuff that we needed. I needed pants. (Pregnancy does wonders for a ladies wardrobe. I have pre-pregnancy clothes, maternity clothes (both early and late maternity), post pregnancy clothes (about 4 sizes bigger then normal) and clothes that I can’t stand the thought of parting with even though my hips will never move back to the position they were before Toddler K came along!) We also needed more storage tubs and some stain stick and colour safe bleach. (We recently discovered how awesome that stuff is!)

So off we go. First of all, I, the navigator (compliance) missed the turn that would take us to the clothing store we were heading to, so we had a 10 cent tour of the FAR FAR western suburbs. Nice little area. We finally made it to the road that has quite a few stores on it and after revising our plans (I couldn’t find the clothing store we started out going to), we went in to Meijer. Meijer Sucks. Plain and Simple. We got to the “Home Storage” section. A whole aisle of wonderful plastic storage tubs. Two (2) (1+1) price tags. So Husband J went to seek some “customer assistance”. He found 2 associates standing together trying to locate another item. He stood where he could be seen. He was prepared to say “Excuse me for interrupting, I have a quick question…” A manager type person came up (so described as said person had keys) and joined in. All the time, J was ignored. Nice. We left after that. Didn’t even look at pants, stain stick or colour safe bleach. So off to Target we went.

Target smelled of something interesting, I say puke. J said he didn’t notice anything. I found the clearance rack and picked out some pants. Target also has some nice linen pants too. I grabbed a pair of those and headed to the dressing room. Baby M started crying just prior to getting to the dressing room. Toddler K decided it would be fun to stand on his seat in the cart. I decided that I wasn’t going to be “that woman” and so I said, lets go.

I went back to Targhetto this evening. Found EVEN better things on their (different store) clearance rack and got the tubs, pants, stain stick and colour safe bleach. I also bought raisins, cheese crackers, cereal bars, off brand Triscuts and off brand peanut butter Ritz Bitz. And to think, Meijer could have had all that business IF only they had acknowledged J.

One more thing about Target. The tubs that I did buy were not marked. No UPC code to be found. What is up with that? So Troy, the wonderful and very polite cashier requested customer service AND Dustin the wonderful head checkout dude came over used the little walkie talkie thing and got the sticker for the items. Great job guys!

Oh and one more thing, (not having to do with Target or Meijer). The reason I had to go and purchase new pants today. Well, this post pregnancy thing is insane and nothing fits me right now and I am TIRED of wearing maternity pants. Two weeks ago, Sunday, I ordered a few outfits from a company online. I paid for “expedited shipping” meaning I would get it in 3-4 days. Just prior to pulling out for the big move on Saturday morning, I stopped by our post office to check our box (in actuality, I should have received it on Thursday, Friday at the latest). Nothing. I emailed them when I was able to get to a computer this week. They preferred to be contacted via email. I sent them an email stating that I hadn’t received the package and that I have now moved and the reason I requested “expedited” shipping is so that I would receive it before moving. (I was/am looking for a refund on the extra shipping cost) Their reply back? They sent a whole email (very poorly formatted I might add) of their shipping and handling information. So now my outfits are in mail limbo as they probably sitting at our old PO box and we have forwarded our mail to this address.

Alas, things have been going well though. Baby M gets to meet her God-Father this Friday. We are so excited for that. He was in the Holy Land when she was born and Baptized so we look forward to seeing him and hearing about his trip. He even got to spend some time with Toddler K’s God-Father in Italy. We are hoping to get to see him in the next year or so. (Prayers would be great on that one! Oh and if anyone knows how to fly to Italy fairly cheaply, feel free to leave a comment!)

One more thing, our internet has gone from High Speed to Dial Up. (Cause we actually moved back in time.) So my updates may be slower at coming but please keep checking back. Don’t forget about our picture site:

Have a joyous Lent and God Bless you all!

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