Italy Bound

I think we are going to Italy. Not anytime soon, but we have a time frame and I picked up Passport applications for me, Toddler K and Baby M. We are most likely going in the late summer/early fall of 2008 for Brother B’s Solemn Profession of Vows. Exciting.

Other then that, not too much is happening. We are done with training and doing our job now. It is challenging but lots of fun. The kids are getting big. Toddler K is running around making those monster noises again. His papa has been teaching him to make animal noises and he is pretty good at him. Next time you see him ask him to make an elephant noise!

Hope you are all having a Blessed Easter! Christ is Risen. Alleluia!

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  1. You need to update the pictures on your website! It’s the only way I get to see them anymore 🙁 Honestly! Hope everything is going well!

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