The Beach

Margaret made her first trip to the beach yesterday. We went to a beach north of Chicago, about 3 miles south of the Wisconsin border and it was beautiful. Sadly the water was FREEZING. It wasn’t something one could get used to either, it was probably about 45-50 degrees. Karol enjoyed eating sand. He did this last time we went to the beach, I figured he would have gotten over it, having teach and all but no, he didn’t. He was eating a cookie that he stole out of the beach bag (cookie thief) and let’s just say that he got to keep it because it was covered in sand. He then ate the whole thing.

We played on the beach for a while, Baby M took a nap then we ate lunch/dinner. Delish. Grilled steak with onions and mushrooms with a side of asparagus and a hint of sand. On the way home, we decided to take a quick trip in to Wisconsin where we saw the Jelly Belly factory! It is located at 10010 Jelly Belly Lane.

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