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OH MY! Are my wonderful husband and I CRAZY or what? Well, first let me tell you! We went to visit some friends of ours who live in the Belleville Diocese (Illinois). Belleville is right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Cathoicmumma had the idea to go and see the Arch.

Did you know you could go up in the Arch? You certainly can. Did you know the Arch is 640 + feet high. When you go up in the Arch, you go ALL THE WAY UP. You take a six minute trip up to the top in a little pod that seems like something out of Star Trek. You can spend as much time at the top as you would like, then you take a three minute ride down. The ride down was much nicer then the ride up, because we were heading to the ground…the beautiful, wonderful ground. I love the Earth.

Baby M fell asleep up at the top and Toddler K decided it would be fun to look out the windows. I tried to stand in one place, in order not to call out of the totally enclosed area. My wonderful husband, what did he do? Took pictures. Barf.

The ride home was uneventful, until we drove past a sign for a town called Benld. (At least I think that was the spelling.) If anyone wants to tell me how to pronounce that, feel free.

Today we took the kids to a small waterpark in Batavia. Toddler K went down the slide for kiddies. He hated it. Twice. Okay enough of that. However, about ten minutes later, he pointed and said “me me me” which means, “I want that”. Down he went again. I think he was done for that day. I went down the big persons slide. I really didn’t like it. I did it on Sunday then again today. I hate heights, why do I put myself through it over and over again? Baby M loved floating around in Toddler K’s little “boat”. It is a little inner tube that had feet holes for wee ones. She laughed and laughed.

We then watched fireworks. K really enjoyed them, so did M!

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