Celery Hell

Ah dinner last night. Yummy Wisconsin Beer Brats, horseradish mustard, deli styled buns. Yum. Of course we started with a salad of a spring mix of lettuce (from a bag, I cheated) as well as some other toppings. We had my favourite food of all time…the sweet potato. I LOVE sweet potatoes, LOVE THEM. But that is not the point of this story. This story is about celery!

We gave Toddler K a piece of celery (not his only dinner, just part of it!). He played with it a little then offered some of it to Papa and then to me. Of course as his slobber was ALL OVER IT, we pretended to take bites. Nothing gets past this kid as he started pretending to take bites. Toward the end of dinner, he came over to my spot and asked to sit on my lap. Okay, he doesn’t really ask, he just climbs up. He was eating away at his celery and started biting off pieces, for me. He has been drooling on this piece of celery for a good 10 minutes now. I had to eat them though. And that is why I am in celery hell!

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