Babies in the tub

Karol and Margaret are in the bath right now. Fear not, I can see and hear them from my spot on the computer. Karol is splashing and Margaret is laughing like he is the funniest thing ever. She is a very big follower of what ever her big brother does. I love when they are in cahoots about something and laugh together! My kids are great.

I just opened an email Joshua received from a very good friend. It appears that God is amazing, as if I needed proof of that. Karol’s Godfather will be in Ohio for Margaret’s Godfather’s Ordination. God is so good. J is at Mass right now and I cannot wait for him to get home. He will be so happy as he has not seen his friend in about 4 years. Karol’s Godfather has never actually met Karol, we had a proxy stand in for him the night of his baptism, I am excited for Karol to be meeting him. If I calculate correctly, all but one of the Godparents will be at the Ordination, what a fun time this should prove to be.

On another note, I am waiting for spring. It is March 8th and the high for today is somewhere in the high 20’s. Shouldn’t we be in shorts right now? I really want to just sit outside with a sweater on and enjoy the spring air. I want to start riding my bike again. I want to see if my rose plant can be revived from the winter in doors. I want to plan trips where we can save money by camping instead of paying for a hotel room.

I must get the monkeys out of the tub. By the way, J’s family calls it “taking a tub” when one takes a bath, is that strange or it just me? Karol said, “take a tub?” this morning and well, it was all I could do not to tell him to quit speaking hoosier.

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