A day in Chicago

My co-worker suggested that we take the girls into the city today, via the Metra train. The Metra has unlimited $5 weekends. (You can ride all you want for $5!) What a fun time. A relaxing ride, no worries about traffic, seeing parts of the city that you don’t see on the freeways and well people watching.

We got off the train and walked to Millennim Park. Did you know that have a big water fountain that you can play in? Yep, so we are going to beat the heat tomorrow by using our day off and taking our kids to the fountain! Fun Fun!

I hope they like it just as much.

Oh, quotes from Karol:

I am reading “Witness to Hope” right now. Karol calls is the “Pope Book”. So I told Karol he was named after JPII and opened the book to find “Karol”.

I spelled Karol out for him, then asked him what that spelled, Karol replied “Pope”.

Later we were looking at the picture on the cover of the  book, and I said “Give Pope a kiss”. Karol replied “No”. When I asked why, he said “He has funny lips”.

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