Paris Paris Paris

Bonjour! We are in Paris. Please permit me to tell you about our trip so far. It started out (I will spare you the airplane/airport details) with our plane landing at Charles de Gaulle airport. We did not have a gate but were taken off the plane and put on a bus then taken to the terminal. That seemed to be pretty normal as no one was concerned.

We got off the bus and went through customs and showed the nice guy our passport. I have no idea what he told me or asked me but I did get into the country. We then were met by Elisa’s husband, Cedric. Elisa is one of the people working on the project. They were nice enough to host us for the day and night in their home in a little town outside of Paris called Epernon.

Epernon could have been a wonderful experience, had I not had morning sickness return with a vengence. How embarrassing. When I finally felt better, JF and I walked around and I ate a crossaint from a pastrie shop. We went back to Paris and took our things to our flat. Our flat is smaller then our bedroom. It has a bathroom the size of our closet, if not smaller. I can’t hardly shower at all. We do have a kitchenette, which is nice.

Still on Saturday, we went to the flat of the other people who are working on the project with JF. There I met more Frenchmen, a Russian and a New Zealander who currently lives in Amsterdam. We celebrated the beginning of the project with some Champagne. (Just a little.)

I will post more later…..stay tuned!

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