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Hello All! Thanks for taking the time to read this, Anne and Laura. 🙂 I may have more time to update in the future as I get to become a full time stay at home mom in just two weeks! Joshua accepted a job in Ohio and we are relocating there. I get to stay at home with the wee ones and hang out all day long eating bon bons and reading books. Okay not really, more like finger paint and chase the kids.

So this week we drove to Ohio to find a place and we found a cute little place to rent for the time being. Our hope is to, God Willing, buy a home next summer, and with the inexpensive cost  of living in Ohio, we should be able to.

Our trip to Ohio was pretty fun, we stayed with Becky, whom Karol called “Aunt Becky” and adores. Jaime hosted us for dinner and we also made some new friends in our new town. I even got the numbers for some midwives, praise God.

On our way there, we stopped in Lafayette to say hello to Nan and ended up getting to see Laura, Linda H and Linda S along with Claire and Grant and baby Helen. Oh, Gwen was there and that was a nice surprise. We also got to see the Newcomb crew with some Weeks kids. Did I miss anyone? I love the Catholic world.

That is my quick update. Wish us luck on our move!

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  1. Sounds like a successful trip to me!

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