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Wow, I have never been so torn for voting as I am this year. No it isn’t a choice between Obama and McCain, it is the question of “is there another person”? Amazing how a person could change so much in 8 years.

8 years ago, I was volunteering for the Bush campaign and thought that I would be a Republican all my life. In 2004 I voted for Bush as a “no” vote against who ever he was running against. Today, I sit here, in the swing state of Ohio, a state that is a battle ground and in 2004, hung in the balance for a while, thinking of “wasting” my vote on a third party candidate. Why? Good question.

I am Pro-Life. I am Pro-Life to the point that I do not think abortion should be allowed for any reason, ever. The Republican Party had given lip service to the Pro-Lifers of America for too long.  Someone needs to stand up for the life of the unborn in our country.

There is a man who is running for President who is willing to make the commitment to defending the earliest of human life. Chuck Baldwin.

I understand that many will think that voting for Chuck Baldwin will be the same as throwing my vote away, at least I know that my vote will not be on my conscience.  Of course, as the time of the election draw near, I will continue to pray and ask God for guidance in the voting booth.

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  1. Single issue voting is so wrong. You must assess all facets of a candidate’s platform and make your choice based on that considered decision.

    Should you continue to let one single intractable issue make your choice for you, I suggest you join other Americans who share your indifference to the complex nature of the presidency and please, do not vote.

  2. I didn’t read anything about you voting on the pro–life issue alone. Am I missing something?

  3. Single issue voting is wrong?
    Would you vote for Hitler? Why not?

    Did he inspire his nation? YES
    Did he want change? YES
    Could he whip a crowd into a frenzy? YES
    Did he build a powerful military? YES
    Did the German economy grow? YES
    Did he commit genocide? YES

    Hmmm……but he did so much good, you can’t refuse to vote for him for that one issue, can you?

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