The Revolution and Gas

First and foremost, I have to totally recommend Ron Paul’s book “The Revolution”. Not too far in to it and I am even more in love with the man then I was before. How, how, HOW, and why, why WHY is this man not the Republican Candidate for President this year? More to come on that later!

However, I did want to report that I finally got around to turning the gas on in this place. I had called Columbia Gas about 16 times before, only to be put on hold for a half hour each time. I saw that the tempurature will be down in the 30’s this coming week, so I decided for the sake of my beautiful family, to call. Well it turns out that the losers before us did not pay thier bill for a LONG time, so WE have to prove they don’t live here. Before Columbia Gas will do anything we have to send a fax of our lease then they will contact us to turn the gas on. Great.

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