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I am 37 weeks and 1 day right now. I am cranky as can be too. EVERYTHING makes me cranky right now. Joshua and Karol had the left over pizza for lunch on Sunday, I was mad. Joshua has scouts last night, I was not thrilled about it. Joshua had to mow the lawn today (long story), ticked me off. Our landlord being a total idiot, I almost started crying.

I feel totally stressed out and not prepared for this birth. Adding to this stress is the fact that I don’t know where most of the newborn clothes are. No idea. I didn’t think we had anything back in storage still, but we just might. If we do, that is in Indiana and we are in O-H-I-O, 5 hours away. I did organize the bedroom a little bit today and put the cradle, the rest of the way that is, sheet, blanket, bumper. I am so certain that I am having a boy that I set out a blue blanket. I even put two little outfits for him/her to sleep in. Karol picked out the “boy” one. It isn’t new or anything, but it is an little onesie that K wore when he was little. M had a fun time playing with the lamb I bought for the baby while we were in Paris this summer.

Margaret also found the stethoscope in the toy box and instructed me to life up my shirt and show her the baby so she could listen to him/her.

Another thing I am worried about is the question of how long will this labor take? With K it was about 12 hours. With Margaret, it was just over an hour. It was 20 minutes from water breaking to holding her in my arms. Will my midwife make it here on time? I pretty much know what to do and Joshua knows how to “catch” so I am not too worried, but still, all the what ifs are driving me nuts.

In other boring news, i have been cooking up a storm for the past few days. Kelly from MH came to visit and spend the night on Friday. I made enchiladas for dinner on Friday and yummy breakfast on Saturday. Saturday night we had the Logues over and we made pizza. We have perfected our pizza crust and our topping layout. Now just to open a pizza joint. The key we have discovered is thin crust. Not thin like Donato’s but thinner then what you usually get from a pizza place. I was so cooked out by Sunday that we had left over pie and odds and ends on Sunday. Sunday night I did make brats and baked potatoes. Those were pretty good.

Do I remember last night? Oh, leftover. Tonight I knew we were pretty short on left overs so I made this: …it needs some work, but it was still pretty good.

Tonight Joshua has a meeting to talk about the youth group with someone in the parish. I am hoping that he brings me back a sweet drink of some sort. If he doesn’t, it won’t be a big deal, I have a sheet of “fake fudge” and some key lime pie.

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  1. Those are short labors! Sounds great to me!

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