End of pregnancy angst

Is it normal to be cranky as can be at the end of your pregnacy? I ask because today, I felt like ripping the head off of a lady behind me at Kroger. Twice.

I was standing in line at the Uscan picking up some things for J (who was “enjoying” himself at the “Holiday Bazzar” at Church). I had M with me as K was with J. Alas, at our local Kroger there are 4 Uscans and since I had two items, I got in to that line. We were 2nd in line, behind a guy using his EBT to buy Pepsi (cause food stamps were meant to buy soda).

I looked at the machine without a customer and saw that it said “lane closed”. Fine. Pepsi guy went to the next machine that opened up. Lady pulls up behind me with a CART full of things and said “Is that lane closed”. But in a tone of voice like I was an idiot for just standing there. Okay, so typing it out, I realize ripping off her head would have been a bad thing and not justified.

Pepsi boy got done, so I stepped up to the machine. Just wanting to get out, I said “forget Kroger Plus Card” and scanned my two purchases while making sure M wasn’t running away. I think it took me less then 60 seconds to scan and run my CC through. The lady behind me was practically in my bubble with her cart the entire time. I bagged my purchases and let M know that it was time to go. She started walking the other way. Right into the cart of the lady behind us. And let’s just say, the cart wasn’t stationary. Oh and I wasn’t actually done at the Uscan yet. My bags were still on the turnstile thing and my receipt still needed to be picked up.

So, J is at this bazzar thing at the church selling things for Impressus Art. Okay, wasting Impressus Art money, but how was he to know? I take the items up to him and collect K. As we were walking out, K slipped on some water on the floor. He is normally pretty tough, so when he stood up holding his side, I stopped to check it out. As I knelt there, in the entry way, but off to the side, so I wasn’t in anyones way. Two guys come through with a table just as I kneel down to check out K. I moved over to the side more and there should have been plenty of room. These two guys (older btw, not kids) looked down at me, had to have seen my crying son and said “beep beep” and “coming through”. I felt like such an idiot, but really, my kid was hurt, what was I going to do? Losers. I should go rip thier heads off.

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  1. I didn’t read past the first line. But my answer is a resounding YES!! At least for me.

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