Caecilia Rosa

We have a little girl, Caecilia Rosa! She was born yesterday, December 4th at 3:08 pm. Labor started on Tuesday around 5 or 6 pm. The midwife came over, a “backup” one because my midwife was attending another birth. Andrea came over to watch the kids and things got underway. Uh, for a while. My contractions were strong and six minutes apart for a few hours and I was dialating, but things weren’t progressing quickly. So, needless to say, it was a long night.

The midwives left around six, when I hadn’t contracted for about 45 minutes. Karol and Margaret were picked up by Andrea’s husband Brian. They were so helpful with the kids! So off the kids went and J and I tried to sleep. I started contracting again, but they were 20 minutes apart and while they HURT like nothing else, I didn’t think it was “real”. So we spent the day with me sleeping between contractions and watching MacGyver and Star Trek: Enterprise episodes.

Around 130, we made arrangements for Brian to bring the kids back and to have a cowoker of J’s take the kids for a while, thinking that they would spend the night with her. Brian dropped the kids off at 215 and Mary picked them up around 220. My contractions were getting a bit stronger at that point and probably 15 minutes apart. J came back in the house after he helped Mary with the carseats.

At this point I was so tired, I was thinking hospital. They could give me drugs to take the edge off, right? Well, that little thought was the beginning of transition. However, I was clueless. Long story short, I had another contraction and felt the urge to push. We called the midwife at that point and I got back in the pool.

I had two more contractions and told Joshua I was going to die and yelled at him for daring to tell me how to breathe. I was in pain and doing my best darn it! At about 3 I felt the urge to push. The midwife was on her way but not here yet. Joshua was trying to support me but check to see what was going on with the baby too.

Well, sparing more details, we will just say that Caecilia Rosa made debut at 308, about 3 minutes before the midwife came in. Joshua and I were amazed and awed by her. We sat there for a few seconds trying to figure out what we were supposed to do next. We made sure she was breathing and then covered her up with a towel and I held her against my chest. The midwife arrived to the sound of a crying baby! She helped us with the post delivery incidentals. Joshua went to call Mary and have her bring the kids back. Jaime, sweet wonderful Jaime arrived about a 20 minutes later.

So there you go. She is wonderful and beautiful and darling. She looks just like a little Karol!

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  1. good for you!! another safe and healthy, happy home birth!! wahoo! cant wait for more pics. stll love the name

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