Caecilia Rosa’s Baptism

Yesterday, the 7th, Caecilia was baptised. It was a small ceremony here in Marion. We like to have the babies baptised as soon as possible after birth, so quite a bit of the time, people aren’t able to make it. That isn’t a big deal for us, though we would like to have our families with us, we know that baptising the baby is more important.

Back to the baptism. Father Schalk came up from his parish down the road to baptise Caecilia for us. He is a good friend of ours and we were happy and thankful that he was available! Caecilia’s Godparents, Mary and Jeremy Sheiko live in Lafayette so they weren’t able to be there, but the wonderful Logue Couple stood in for them. Father Mike, our Pastor, was there also. So that was it. A small group. It was awesome. I will post pictures soon. I have never gotten weepy during a baptism before but I was yesterday. Caecilia quickly made my weepys go away when she tooted while Father said “I baptise you in the….” with each pour of water, Caecilia tooted.

After the baptism, we came back to our house and had carrot cake and drinks. Father Schalk joined us for a little bit before he had to head back. The Logues stayed for a while then Father Wagner joined us. There is a man who can keep a person laughing all night.

After the kids went to bed, we talked so more with Father then Joshua went to go pick up an easy chair that Father was looking to get rid of. It is nice stuff. Comfy. Comfy. Comfy. Thanks Father!!

Today we went to Mass at Noon for the Holy Day. Karol had to be taken out mid way through the Liturgy of the Word because he was being a not good kid. Then M started acting up. I was trying to keep C from crying. It was fun times. I nursed her in the back when Joshua returned from Karol Duty and she was fine for the rest of Mass. And, the best part, after Mass, people kept coming up to us and telling us how wonderful our family is. Okay….sure.

After Mass, we hit the Post Office then Chinese Buffet. The kids were surprisingly good during lunch. It was a surprisingly good buffet too! Then we headed to Meijer to pick up a few sleepers for C. I don’t think we clothed M when she was a baby as we can’t seem to put our hands on any newborn things for her!

One more thing that J and I have commented on with regard to Caecilia and how things are different with her. When the other kids were newborns, we lived a block from St. Boniface, we never drove to Mass so we never had the carseat. Now we drive to Mass and have the car seat. I don’t feel comfortable leaving the carseat in the car during Mass, as it will get cold, but I don’t want to take it in to a pew so that it will take up so much space. We leave it in the back of the church (where one of us almost always is, with one of our kids.) However, it is just so funny how things have changed!!

Finally, some of you may know or remember that I have nursing issues. I haaave low milk supply and have to supplement breast milk with formula. I was hoping things might be different with this baby and it looked hopeful, but today we supplemented one of her feedings. She was crying for food and I didn’t have anything else to give her. I have to say, as hard as it is to have to supplement, I know when I see her full and looking around the room, exploring with her eyes, that it is okay that I have to supplement.

That is all for now. Joshua is working on getting the pictures from the baptism on the computer, so look out for them!

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