To do list, sort of.

Currently doing:

Resting. The kids are all napping. I am pretty sure that Caecilia will be waking soon for a feeding. However, she did take almost 4 oz during her 11 am feeding. Oh, I see her now, she is awake in her seat and seems to be tooting. She is good at that.

Need to do:

Mop the kitchen and bathroom. I will probably do that tomorrow evening as I am really only doing it for our NYE gathering. No sense in risking it getting messy by mopping it today.

Vaccum. This may wait too, as I generally can do it only when the kids are in bed for the night.

Go to the grocery store. I forgot cabbage for the corned beef for NYE. I also want to pick up a bottle of champaigne or sparkling wine, whatever. I wish that I would have brought a bottle of it back from France, but for €25, I think not. Alas, Kroger has on sale and I would like to try some. I like Barefoot wines.
Off to feed my little girl now!

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