Neither Rain nor Ice nor Sleet nor the closing of Interstate 75

Today we went Michigan to see Kelly at her parents house in Michigan. We met Kelly while we worked at Mooseheart and she has become a good friend of ours. K and M love her and she loves them. I miss having coffee with her or having her hang out in our quarters after lights out. She has a great sense of humor and her being around keeps me in stitches.

So we left this morning. We left a bit later then we planned mainly because the kids were sleeping so well this morning. Karol got up shortly after 6 but layed down on the couch to look at the tree and fell back to sleep. I had Caecilia lay with Joshua and I stayed on the couch. Margaret came to snuggle with me and fell back to sleep. Joshua brought C to me a bit later and took the two big kids back to our bed and they stayed there for a little while longer. We finally got on the road at 10, we had planned on leaving at 9. Oh well.

We were making pretty good time, with a planned arrival time at K’s parent’s house around noon. Shortly after we got on to 75, we noticed that the traffic was moving very slowly. The roads went from wet to slush to ice in a short time. We were stopped just south of Bowling Green and sat there for awhile. The kids did great! I was very proud of them. I moved to the back and K started chatting with me about EVERYTHING under the sun. We got off at the Bowling Green exit, stopped at Starbucks and continued on back roads until we got to K’s house, only two hours later then planned. (So a total of 4 hours on the road).

We visited with K and her friend C and had a great time.

Our trip home only took 2 hours and it was rain rain rain and fog fog fog all the way back. All in all a good day.

I was also thinking about times when I lived in Michigan and big snow storms drop 12 – 18 inches of snow on us. My sisters and I were BAD about making sure windshield washer fluid was full and we would run out all the time. We would talk about hoping to have a big truck drive by and splash water on our windshields to help us see. Then I thought about slush getting stuck on the wipers and not working well. So what do Michiganders do? They open their window, reach out and grab the wiper and slam it down all while traveling at a healthy speed down the road. That was nuts.

So now we are home, C is sleeping nicely, J and I are watching Star Trek: Enterprise and resting.

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  1. Glad you had a good time! And I’m really glad there were two of you on the highway. I am not planning on getting back on the highway with the two by myself. But Peter hates traveling with the kids, so if I want to go anywhere I often have to go by myself. I guess I’ll just hole up at home until the wintry weather passes. :o)

    Do you guys have a van now?

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