Calling 911

Today I went down to Delaware for an Epiphany Party. We were supposed to go as a family but K and M were sick along with J, so I just went. On my way there, travelling down 23, I noticed a car that was weaving in between my lane and the “berm”. I also noticed said car was having a hard time maintaining a constant speed. I thought said car might be driven by a possibly intoxicated driver, so I called 911. Gave the 911 operator all the information and was told they would get a car out to the road. A few minutes later I had a chance to pass up the driver. (He stopped at a light, I was turing right at the light, so we were side by side for a few seconds). It was then I saw that he was on a cell phone. Should I have called 911? I still think it was  smart plan. If he can’t drive and talk on the phone, perhaps someone (ie the police) should let him know that, but pulling him over and letting him know there was a complaint.

The party was great, new people to meet and old friends to visit with. And I was only a bit shy. After the party I went to Columbus to go to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond (bbb). BBB did not have what I wanted, so I decided to go visit my friend Becky. That was awesome. Have I mentioned that I LOVE living in OHIO? I do.

Off to bed and work on a crossword puzzle.

Happy Feast of the Epiphany.

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  1. I’m glad that you’re happy where you’re living! That’s great!

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