Winter Storm Warning

Wow this Michigan girl went soft yesterday. A good portion of O-H-I-O was under a Winter Storm Warning yesterday. I was praying that it would pass us by as I was planning on going to Columbus to say good bye to the McG family*. When I woke up, I checked the weather and according to “Cartoon Weather” it was “Icing” down in Columbus. Snow I can handle, ice, I won’t drive in. So I called my friend who was hosting the good bye shindig and gave her my regrets, I would not be making it. We then called our friend who was going to watch K and M for me (Joshua was working) and told her that we won’t need her help.

Around 10 I got a phone call from my friend, Becky, who told me the roads were fine down in Cbus. I then got a txt from Jaime, who told me the same thing. Well, heck, now I felt stupid.

When Joshua came home around 11, I had decided to go. The roads were just fine and Cbus had NO snow or ice. And the Winter Storm Warning was never canceled…even though the ice and snow never came.

*The McG family is moving to Indiana. Yep, someone else who actually made the choice to move to the Hoosier State. My friend wants to finish his degree at IU, so off they are going. I wish them the best of luck. I will miss them, but really, B-ton is almost on the way to Lafayette, if we take the south route, so we can always visit.

In other family news, today we are having a Baptism celebration for K and M. (And after going to Mass today, I realized, for Jesus too!) M’s God-parents are local, so they will be here as well as a few Marion friends. K was baptised 3 years ago yesterday and M was baptised 2 years ago on the 13th. I bought a Wilton Puzzle Cake set to make their cake with. It is acutally cupcake, I hope they like them. I have to frost and decorate the cake when J gets home and, if they turn out nicely, I will post pictures.

We are back to being a one car family for a while. The little green car won’t start and well, as we are saving all of our pennies for a down payment for a house, we aren’t going to get it fixed for a while. I am kinda bummed about the car as we have put a lot of money in to it in the past few months and that was money we could have put in to our savings for the house. Stupid car. Oh well. God will provide. And after we get our tax refund, we will be right on for the down payment. Hopefully house that we are looking at will stay available for a few more weeks!

Okay, J has been picked up (i took a quick blogging break) and the baby is still sleeping, so now is a good time to get things prepped for today!

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