Aldi too expensive? What?

Yesterday I took Karol out with me to grocery shop. I haven’t taken him shopping in a while as he is a fussy butt and will melt down at any time over just about anything. Yesterday he did very well. He helped me to get things off the shelf at Aldi and helped me to pick out things at Kroger.

So while at Aldi, I had an experience to blog about. If you have ever been to Aldi, you know it is pretty cheap. Sure somethings are no better a deal then at a “regular” grocery store, however, thier canned goods are good and much cheaper then even the store brand at our local Kroger. Cereal is the same price as store brand at Kroger, milk is cheaper at Aldi and meats are about the same.

I was standing in line (the only line open as is usual at any Aldi, anywhere in America) when I over hear a woman saying “…the milk at Kroger is cheaper…” then said that “…everything here is more expensive then Kroger…” I looked over to see a woman walking around with her skinny jeans, heals and Starbucks with a look of great distain on her face over the prices at Aldi. Her husband said “…yeah, let’s go, Kroger is much cheaper.”

Seriously? Are you on crack? The milk at Kroger was 2.79, milk at aldi was 2.42. I would like to know which Kroger this couple goes to, so I can get things cheaper then Aldi and get our milk and fresh fruits and veggies all in one spot. Perhaps these people were truly sucky, but their attitudes needed major adjusting.

Change of subject here.

We are getting ready to make a big change in our lives. I don’t want to go in to detail until we know for sure, so if you could all offer up a few prayers that things go well over the next few weeks and that we accept His will, we would really appreciate it!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Ah! Suspense! :o)

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