abstinence-only sex education = Failure?

Today I read that critics of abstinence-only sex education will be asking the soon to be President Obama to cut off federal funding of abstinence education programs. Of course this charge is being led by Cecile Richardson, the head or Planned Parenthood.

Oh and of course abstinence education is going to be a failure in our over-sexed society if we don’t give the kids tools to succeed. We can sit in a classroom with 12-18 year olds and telling them the disadvantages of pre-marital sex. They can hear about sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, emotional let downs then make the promise to wait until marriage. Then we send them out into the world full of beer ads, lingerie ads, internet, popular music, prime time television (complete with teenage soaps that are nothing more then bed hopping shows) and so on.

This doesn’t sound like a good set up for sucess does it?

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