Still not impressed….

No matter how awesome the soon to be President Obama is, he still supports abortion, therefore, everything he does will be tainted. If he does sign the FOCA bill, he will be siging the death sentence of our country. First and foremost, he will be permitting the killing of millions of innocent children. That in itself it the most henious act a man can commit, but there is more.

Our country is founded on the basis of small government. The Federal government was not to interfer with state issues. (Read up on the civil war, it wasn’t fought to free the slaves, it was fought because the Federal government interfered with the rights of a state to makes its own laws). FOCA takes will take any laws a state has passed regarding abortion and throw them out the window and allow them to be performed during all 9 months of a pregnancy without parental notification for girls under 18 and without any reason. Hmmm, why do we even bother to have state governments if the Federal government can come in and change them.

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