Dear President Obama

Please tell me why it is so important to make sure abortions are kept legal in this country. Legal to the point that no state can set its own laws on the subject.

Please tell me why when the majority of the people of the United States of America do not favor late term abortions, you plan to sign legislation that will allow abortions to be performed during all stages of  pregnancy, even when the baby is viable outside of the womb?

What does Planned Parenthood have on you that you would cater to their wishes and believe their lies? What does Planned Parenthood have on your Vice President that he would go against the Catholic Church (the religion that he claims to be a member of) reason his way in to accepting abortion as a “good” thing.

Mr. President, if you love this country as much as you claim to love it, keep in mind the words of a wise man “…a country cannot kill 50 million of its own and stay on top forever.”

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