Unplugging Fox News

I have family members who worship the Fox News Channel. When you go to their house, it is always on. One family member even went as far as saying that it was a very Catholic news channel. Sure if you can call the CINO: Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Steve Doocy and so on Catholic. I have found their “fair and balanced” not to be “fair and balanced” at all. It seems to be very sensational and trying to draw peoples ire.

But my real issues is with their website. Why worry about young children accessing p*rn when foxnews.com is full of it. Britney and Madonna kisssing, links to overseas news with nudity, pictures of women mostly naked, talking about their “fat factor”. The stories have been awful lately. Completely sensationalized. Very graphic headlines about the little girl in Florida whose body was found last month. Graphic headlines about how young children die, about abuse cases, about who is gay and who isn’t.

It is a sad day when I think that CNN is more “fair and balanced” then Fox News. It is also a sad day when I would rather use CNN.com as my news source.

foxnews.com, consider yourself unplugged.

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