I wasn’t born yesterday….

….said the old nosy neighbor lady to the two tweeners trying to break in to the house across the street.

Okay, I didn’t SAY that to them, but I did break up their litte fun fest and now I have a story to share with you:

The house across the street was recently purchased. It had been foreclosed, so it was vacent for a few months before the couple bought the home. They are working on it before they move in, so sometimes they are there,  sometimes they are not. Today I didn’t see them at all, so I found it odd when I saw two young girls run up on the porch and start playing around, pulling the screen door and trying to open the front window. I watched for a moment, then went on about my business, only to discover they were attempting to open the screen door with a stick.

At that point, I walked outside with C, under the pretence of showing her some roses blooming. I checked the situation out a bit more and realized that they were still trying to get in to the house, so I took C back in the house and told J what was going on. I went back outside to tell the girls to knock it off only to hear “Get off that porch” boom from the house next door. Okay, parents, albiet not to with it, are on the ball. (sort of).
After about another 3 or4 minutes of this, I finally had enough, as they were still trying to get the door open with a stick. They had gotten the screen door open and were moving on to the storm door. I went, first to the house that had issued the “get off that porch” command just moments ago. I very politly told the woman and the man that I don’t know who is who in the neighborhood, but that there were two girls on the front porch trying to break in to the house. After asking me if it was “so and so and such and such”, I said “I don’t know names…” Then I headed over to the house myself to tell the girls to hit the road.

The girls told me that it was thier cousins house. That it was okay that they do this. Uh, sure, I believe you….not.

The man from the house next door came over to see what was going on and said “Oh, it isn’t my daughter, it isn’t a big deal”.

The girls eventually left, but I think I should have called the cops.

But I do know now not to leave ANY doors or first floor windows unlocked. I actually locked the screen door today on the front porch, then the lock on the storm door then I deadbolted the lock for the main door to the house.

I  thought this was one of the nicer neighborhoods in this town. I never felt this unsafe living in Lafayette on 10th Street with the Steve Perry Methlab clone guy living on the opposite corner from me.

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  1. Ugh, yeah. That would be frustrating to say the least. Next time (hopefully there isn’t one) call the cops and teach the little girls a real lesson! Things like that seem a hundred times more frightening after one has children, too!

  2. Tell Joshua to get out there and knock those girls around!

  3. Ah, yes, Joshua has no voice…:)

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