For the love of….

Andrea Logue, I will update my blog.

Summer is speeding by here in Central Ohio.  The garden is growing, the kids are growing. We have a new roof over our heads, literaly.

C has two bottom teeth and has learned to clap, crawl, climb the stairs and poop only when her diaper is off. M is getting big and has gone TWO WHOLE days without having an accident. 🙂 That is big time stuff. I am going to go shopping with her to pick out a new dress for my sister’s baby shower. K is learning to tinker around the house. He likes to help me in the kitchen (as does M) and likes to quote Star Trek or other various movies.

The Logues went to Ethiopia for a few days to pick up Martin Muse, so we have spent time getting to know him. He is about Karol’s age and they get along swimmingly. I love Martin’s laugh. He looks just like Brian too! 🙂

That is about all for now…more later.

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  1. I laughed at Andrea’s request on your FB. I’m glad you updated, too!

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