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Hello! I am posting again! I am enjoying a nice quiet evening at home. The two older kids are in MI with my parents so Joshua and I are down to one kid this week. Before you start saying anything about romance, let me tell you what we have been doing all week.

Joshua built a wall! We now have a wall sectioning off part of the “middle room” to make more of an office for him. The “middle room” is the room that used to be the kitchen before the addtion was put on. It isn’t big enough to be a dining room and had an awkward layout to be useful for much else, so up a wall went. Now there is room for the desk without it hanging out in the middle of the room.  He has been busy taping, mudding, sanding and soon we will paint the room “Plymoth Blue”.

I have been busy chasing C around AND taking the wall paper down in the kids’ room. Seven layers of wall paper, with a layer of paint to boot. Nice. So the kids will be moved in to the pink room until I get that project done. I didn’t realize it would take this long. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get the rest of the paper off  then wash the walls. After washing them, Joshua is going to tape and mud them  as well as add a plumbing access for the bathtub. Then to paint. I haven’t totally decided what to do yet with the room. I think I am going to do a dark color for the bottom half of the wall then a lighter color for the top. I would like to do a stencil print across the very top, in Latin.

While I am excited the kids are coming back this weekend, I almost wish my mom would keep them for another week so I could get it all done with out them underfoot!


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