Sunday, Sunday….

Yesterday, we finished the kids’ room and moved them back in. The project that began in August and should have been a week long was not! It would have been had there not been so much prep work to do prior to painting. Alas, now it is done and I am thrilled. My plans for the paint job changed and now it is a simple blue with a light blue color on the trim.

We put all the kids in there and plan on working on the pink room a little at a time and it will take MUCH longer as EVERYTHING is painted pink, the outlets, the heat registers (oh and not the kind that you can pick up for a few dollars at Menards, but an old fashioned one :(), parts of the ceiling, parts of the doors, part of the carpet, you get the point. Never give a 13 year old a can of paint and say “go for it”.

This morning, K did not wake up with the rest of the kids, highly unusual. We sent M in to wake him up and he said he was still tired. I knew something was up but he was not feverish, so we told him he had to get up. Two minutes later, he puked. Joshua took M to Mass here at our parish and I will go to the parish in the town south of us later. Today is First Communion Sunday at our parish. The 11 am mass is usually a zoo anyway, so I will gladly drive to Delaware for mass.

I cleaned up the kitchen and washed a load of laundry in the mean time. K took a nap on the recliner and now is watching a dinosaur documentary. C is laying contently on my lap too, which is nice since she is teething and a crabby patty about it.  I hope to stuff and roast a chicken this afternoon for our dinner, stuffing sounds so good right now.

While I have you, would you mind saying a few prayers for our dear friend and K’s Godmother, Nan? She had surgery on her shunt (in her brain)  on Friday and there may have been complications. Please pray for this dear, holy woman. (though she would make me removed that last line if she saw it). Thanks!

Happy Sunday, Everyone. I hope all the teething babies are happy today and that anyone with puking kids gets a break!

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