The baby is growing up

Caecilia is getting to be so big and such an explorer these days. This morning I moved the furniture around in the living room and she took the time crawl around and explore everything as it is now. At one point, she was sitting by my feet then, suddenly, she sprung to her knees and hands and put her head on the floor, looking. She lifted her head and moved toward the loveseat but stopped, just short of it, by the coffee table. She  put her head back on the floor, looking, looking under the loveseat perhaps  for a forgotten toy or book. Her head was flat on the floor as was her chest, only her little tiny diapered bottom off the carpet. She moved again to the edge of the loveseat and stuck her chunky little baby hand under the couch, searching for that forgotten toy or book. Nothing. She didn’t find a thing, so she crawled away, crawled to the dining room.

In the dining room, she found Legos and blocks. After moving them from one location to another, came back out to me. Crawling along, pushing the Lego box with one hand and using her other to help crawl. A triumphant smile was on her face the whole time.

In the living room, she lost interest in her Lego box and crawled on to the kids short table. She is quite proud of her ability to climb on to the table and works at trying to climb on to higher things, like a kitchen chair or the couch.

Soon, she will be talking and chasing after the older two and our baby will be no more, replaced with another rambunctious toddler. Until that day comes, she will be our little baby and the day of chasing and talking can hold off a bit longer.

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