Story time

Today I decided it would be a good idea to take K and M to the library for story time. This usually involves leaving C with Papa as there isn’t a story time for her age group today. M decided that today would be a good day to be sassy, so I told her, no story time for her. She cleaned up her behavior and was good for a bit, so I relented.

I should have gone with my first instinct.

When we got to the library, I noticed the Loguemobile in the parking lot, yea! (Hard to miss, what with the IU alumni license plate holder) Thank goodness for bank holidays! When we got inside, Mrs. Logue said that she was going to take her little guy in to the 4 year old room and agreed to take Karol with her. (Thanks!) Well, M decided that she didn’t want to go to storstytime (her pronunciation). So instead we sat in the main library where she played with board puzzles and the like. Then when it was time to leave, another fit. And she isn’t quiet, she cries, incoherently and loudly. Then she becomes dead weight and that makes her a million times harder to carry.

Karol had a grand ol’ time in the big kid room. He told me all about the books they read and things they did. The nice thing about the older room is that the kids do not need an adult with them. This way we can go and do the two separate room on the same day.

C stayed with Papa at his office, where she is now. We will go and get her soon!

Now for an update on a few other things. I am working on the curtains for the dining room. I have one set up, the lower ones, so I am not working on the upper curtains/valance. Since the sewing room is also the baby’s room, I have a limited sewing window. Last night I sewed the hem on the upper curtains by hand. That wasn’t too bad actually, so I think  I will hand stitch the curtains. With the tabs, I will start them on the sewing machine but hand stitch them on.

I realized after the curtains were up that the window seat would look very nice with a few long cushions, so I will start those eventually. Slowly but surely, the house will come together!
Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. That library set-up is perfect! I mean K being able to go on his own and all!

    Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you that I thought of you guys this weekend because when we went to the zoo there was a huge blue van with the word Mooseheart on the side. And then when we were looking at the tiger this little boy came running up that looked very similar to K. Except I couldn’t decide if K was really old enough to be that tall. I wouldn’t know – so long has it been since I’ve seen your lovely kids!

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